How much gold does an artificer start with?

While they are not very close to the maximum value of the equipment, they are all in a reasonable range. There is only one class that strongly defends the search for gold, and even then it depends on the fund you have selected. However, a bard has a great chance of starting with a lot more wealth even with an average roll of dice compared to taking the initial equipment. The initial team based on the class is worth approximately 100 gp; the average gold roll for a bard is 125 gp.

With a perfect run, you would start with about 200 GP to equip your character and fill your pockets. Statistically, it's better to get the starting gold when you play with a bard basically every time than taking their starting packs. Beyond the complexity of using Tinker in addition to the class features of the Artificer, this is a very simple construction. However, I would say use an initial wealth of 5d4 x10 gp to give them a good share of walking around the money they have earned thanks to the work of the guild or the commissions.

As a strange side note, you can see from the table that there is no way to start with a common magic item, since it goes directly to rare magic items. The ability to create your own magic items faster and for less gold further enhances this ability because you can create items that require tuning with less concern about the limited number of items you can tune in. But you can buy whatever your DM makes available to you and, as always, these are just suggestions to get started. Alternatively, you can choose the list of starting teams that would come with each class, and also supplement it with some items that would come based on your selected dnd fund.

However, unless until you are prepared to risk starting with limited resources thanks to a bad roll, you may want to stick with a team that comes by your background. In d&d it has been defined that gold is worth an amount and that is all there is in an economy in d&d. Usually, in the fifth edition, getting the initial gold is a bet that is not mathematically intelligent, but there are some exceptions and occasions when it is in your best interest to get your gold. By the way, when researching this initial 5e gold guide, I realized that the answer depends on what your playing style is like.

Whether you choose an option to start with the gold fund to buy your main equipment and also how much money you have to choose depends on your class.

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